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2022 4-H Family Information

Who’s involved? -  All Waukesha County 4-H youth, their families and 4-H leaders! The Waukesha County 4-H Leaders Association is hosting this raffle.


Why are we raising funds?  Monies raised will support educational experiences, leadership development workshops, community service projects, outdoor education and scholarships for the Waukesha County 4-H Youth.


What do we do? – Our goals will be met if each 4-H family sells at least 36 raffle tickets or $11,500!  The tickets are being sold for $2.00 each or 6 for $10.00.  The drawing for the prizes will be held at the Waukesha County Fair, Sunday July 24th, 2022.  Families can choose to sell the 36 raffle tickets OR make a tax-deductible contribution of $50 payable to “Fund for 4-H Education”. If you accept cash payment, please make one check payable to “Fund for 4-H Education.” All tickets (sold or unsold) and payments must be turned into your club General Leader by _____________.  (Note: raffle tickets are not tax-deductible.) 


Sell!  Sell!  Sell!!!  Our County 4-H program depends on the revenue raised from this fundraiser!  But have fun doing it!



Can I purchase the 36 tickets myself for $60 instead of the $50 buyout?

Yes, however if you purchase the tickets for $60 you cannot claim it as a tax deduction.  The $50 buyout option is considered tax deductible

What raffle prizes are being offered?

 The cash prizes are; $500, $250, $100, and $50. 

Where and when do tickets need to be returned?

Your club due dates are indicated above. All tickets sold or unsold need to be turned into the 4-H Office by June 30th 2022.

What if I sell less than 36 tickets?

Please consider buying the rest of the tickets as your family contribution

Can I get more tickets to sell?

There are more tickets available and we highly encourage you to sell as many as possible. Please contact Terri Johnson at

How will winners be notified?

Winners will be contacted using the phone number on the ticket stub.  Please make sure all information is legible.

Can I make payment via credit card?

Raffle tickets at this time can’t be purchased via credit card but we are able to accept donations via our “Make a Donation” button on

Can tickets be purchased at the fair?

Yes, tickets will be available for purchase during the Waukesha County Fair.


Further questions please contact Terri Johnson at

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